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Message of Managing Director of Ghadir Investment Holding Company,

Within the term of office of the management of GHADIR Investment Company, we are to protect and develop productive and sustainable investments in line with maximizing the profit of our beneficiaries and shareholders observing company’s prevailing professional principles and management of business by taking advantage from the capacity of young, expert, talented and leading forces and clarifying responsibilities; clarification of processes; financial and decision-making insight based on scenario and knowledge and analysis of economic trends and future research, applying systematic and process supervision and monitoring and determining evaluation criteria and key performance indicators; Creating vertical and horizontal added value and promoting intra-network and inter-network cooperation of holdings and affiliated companies in the development of portfolio of assets and products.

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Having more than 140 governing and regulatory companies in 7 productive areas including production, industry and services businesses, Ghadir has more than 16,500 talented men across the country.
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