History of Ghadir

Ghadir Investment Company was organized in 1991 under the initial name of Bank Saderat Investment Company (Pvt. J. S.) owned by Bank Saderat Iran with initial capital of Rials 10,000,000,000. – the company converted to Public Joint Stock Company in 1995 and accepted to the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran in the same year. After the transfer of the shares of 124 companies from Saderat Bank of Iran to this company in 1996 in order to improve the financial structure, the name of the company was changed to Ghadir Investment Company. Having been transferred of the ownership of Ghadir Investment Company from Bank Saderat Iran to the Social Security Organization of the Armed Forces in 2018, the growth of profitability and the value of the company’s assets accelerated, so that this company has currently become the largest multidisciplinary investment company in the stock market with a capital equal to 72,000 billion Rials.


To improve value of the company’s assets to continue and increase profitability and converting to model for modern enterprising.

Organizational etiquettes and moral values

(A) Concern ourselves to professional etiquettes
(R) The satisfaction of the beneficiaries, particularly shareholders
(g) Timing and optimal use of economic opportunities
(S) Merit and meritocracy
(g) Proud of Ghadir and its brand reputation
(d) Friendly to the environment and community
(j) Learning from past experiences and current knowledge
(R) Welfare and respect of employees


Ghadir Investment Company in the horizon of 1402 (2023-24) is a company: rich in value for beneficiaries, shareholders in particular, knowledge-oriented and expert, learner and flexible, friendly to the environment and community, learning from past experiences and current knowledge, leading, guiding and creating value for all subcategories; also, In terms of credit and turnover, this company is one of the most prominent multi-business holdings in the country and region, and it produces stable and valuable profits for shareholders and beneficiaries in all its sub-categories.


Ghadir Investment Company supported by specialized man power, identifies the most attractive opportunities available in initial and secondary markets, nationally or internationally and makes its efforts to satisfy all the expectations of the beneficiaries and shareholders, in particular, by investing in them through the knowledge and technology-based holdings.

Board members

Seyed Majid Ebne-reza

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ph.D. in International Relations

Armed Forces’ Life and Accident Insurance Fund

Mohammad Ebrahim Agha Babai

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ph.D. in Economics

Retirement Pension and Disability Fund and Saving Accounts for employees of Bank Melli and those merged

Mehdi Obouri

Managing Director and Board Member

Ph.D. in Public Administration

Armed Forces Pension Fund


Ahad Amiri

Member of the Board of Directors

Master’s Degree in Politics

Shastan Business Investment Company


Abbas Farhadieh

Saba Capital Development and Management

Master’s degree in MBA

Board member


Executive directors profile

Abbas Farhadieh

Vice President of Companies Affair

Master’s Degree in MBA


Mansour Noveirian

Vice President of Planning and Strategic Studies

Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

Ghasem Ali Jamali

Vice President of Investment and Business Development

Ph.D. in Financial Management



Hoshang Mahdavi

Financial and Administrative Management

Master’s Degree in Accounting



Davood Zare Sheibani

Manager of Legal Affairs and Contracts

PhD in Oil and Gas Law



Abbas Farhadieh

Supervisor of the Managing Director area

Ph.D. Student in Management


Body of Shareholders

  • Pension fund of banks
  • Armed Forces Pension Fund
  • Armed Forces Insurance Funds
  • Investment Fund of Armed Forces’ Social Security Organization
  • Nomadic Villagers Social Insurance Fund Institute
  • Saba Capital Development and Management Company
  • Kausar Insurance Company
  • Armed Forces Life and Accident Insurance Fund
  • Armed Forces Social Security Organization
  • Other shareholders (Real persons and entities)