Ghadir Capital Development and Industry Company (Pub. J. S.)

Ghadir Sanat Development and Sanat Development Company (pub. J. s.) as a parent company specialized in the cement industry with the aim of creating, developing, launching and managing various projects and production units in this industry and related industries started its official activity since 2003. Ghadir Investment Company owns 100% of the shares of this company with a capital of 3.350 billion Rials. Ghadir Capital and Industry Company manages 4 large producing companies: Sepahan Cement, Sharq Cement, Kurdistan Cement and Dashestan Cement, all together holding 10% of the shares of the country’s cement market and in this respect it is in the third place in the industry among the cement holdings of the country. This company is listed in the second over-the-counter market with the symbol “Saghdir” and the process of accepting and offering its shares on over-the-counter is currently underway. Sepahan Cement: This company has three kilns with a capacity of 3,300 tons of clinker production per day and has a total cement production capacity of 3.7 million tons; and, its shares are being traded in the first market of the stock exchange with the symbol “Sepaha”. This company owns 50% of the consumer market of Isfahan city. 56% of this company’s shares are owned by Ghadir Cement Development and Industry Company. Siman Sharq: The annual cement production capacity of this company is 2 million tons and it owns the largest white cement production line in the country with a daily capacity of 1,000 tons produced in Siman Sefid Sharq Company. This company is the largest cement production plant in Greater Khorasan and supplies 85% of cement consumption in Mashhad city. The export markets of this company are Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Russia. 46% of the shares of this company are owned by Ghadir Capital Development and Cement Industry Company. Kurdistan Cement: This company with an annual production capacity of more than one million tons of cement is located near Bijar city. 54% of the shares of this company are owned by Ghadir Cement Development and Industry Company. Dashestan Cement: 48% of the shares of this company are possessed by Ghadir Sanat and Cement Development Company, and its annual production capacity exceeds more than one million tons of cement, it is also the owner of Mandashti Cement.


Ghadir Capital and Industry Development Company is a specialized holding company in the cement industry that manages subsidiaries that focus on the production and supply of all types of cement, concrete and concrete parts for domestic and foreign markets. This company considers its main mission to fulfill the needs of customers and provide them with a distinctive value proposition (superior quality, reasonable price and favorable services).


On the horizon of 2023, Ghadir Capital and Industry Development Company is a well-known specialized holding in the country's cement industry, which has achieved the most stable and highest return on investment in the country's cement industry with the fundamental transformation of its subsidiaries from production-oriented to market-oriented.

Address: No. 220, between Sohrevardi and Takhti Streets, Shahid Beheshti Ave., Tehran, Iran.
Landline: 021-8853 4738