Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Company (Public Joint Stock Company)

The company was established in 2006 under the name of Alvand Ghadir Development Investment Company (private joint stock company) and in 2013 while changing its name to Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group and changing from a private joint stock company to a public joint stock company, it was admitted to the Tehran Stock Exchange and its shares released on 15 February 2012. According to the latest ranking of Industrial Management Organization (IMI 100), this company ranks 5th in sales and profitability among all companies in the country. 84% of urea production capacity and 22% of country’s crude oil refining capacity are located in the subsidiaries of this holding. Ghadir Investment Company owns about 68% of the shares of this company, whose last registered capital is 40,500 billion Rials.


Investing in oil, gas and petrochemical industries in order to create the highest long-term added value for shareholders and sustainable development with the priority of improving the culture of safety and environmental protection


Growth and development in order to become one of the top investor companies in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals in the Middle East region with global reputation.

Address: Tehran, Shariati Street, Pol Rumi, Elahia entrance, in front of Mobasher alley, Palek 41
Contact phone number: 021-78329000