Estimating project progress:
By 21 December 2019 0%
By 20 December 2020 1.4%
By 21 December 2021 4.5%
Subsidiary company:
Setareh Sabz Siraf
Project cost estimate:
750 million
About the project:
Setareh Sabz Siraf Refinery Company plans to build a 120,000-barrel gas condensate refinery. The main advantages of this project include: (a) availability of gas condensate feed for the long term, (b) 5% discount on the price of feed due to a long-term contract with the Ministry of Petroleum, (c) availability of a berth for importing equipment and exporting products (d) Availability of sea water for use in the cooling system of the refinery, (e) Proximity to the electricity grid, (f) Proximity to the gas pipeline and other required fuels, and (g) Exemption from income tax (to period of 10 years (and value added tax). It is worth mentioning that the Siraf refineries complex has been introduced to the Islamic Council by the Ministry of Petroleum as a priority project, and for this reason, it has the full support of the government, as well as the approval of the project permit. follow up